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March 2013 – March 2014 
Lifewise Trust - Auckland 
Contract Database Developer (Contracted by PursuitIT – refer Tabitha Flack) 
Initial contract was for 3 weeks to make adjustments to an existing MS Access database and lead to a new project to create a new MS Access database application which was completed in March 2014. 
The main features of the Application I developed are listed below. 
1. Create an application to store and process Client transactions 
2. Import data from MYOB and an existing payroll application  
3. Combine these two datasets to create and provide information not currently available 
4. Create a new Invoicing module 
5. Export this invoice data to Great Plains (Legacy Microsoft Accountancy Application) 
6. Create files that can be exported to the Ministry of Health as part of monthly invoicing 
7. Import payment of invoicing from files returned from Ministry of Health back into application and update relevant Client data 
8. Created other functionality and reports as required. 
Contacts: Allan Clark – Financial Controller 
Ph: 09 302 5390 
May 2012 – July 2012 
ANZ Head Office Wellington 
Contract Spreadsheet Developer (Contracted by Beyond Recruitment) 
The Projects & Business Improvements Division of the ANZ head office required an update to an existing excel reporting tool. This tool was designed in house but was no longer working. I was hired for a week long contract to upgrade this tool to allow the mangers to report more effectively.  
After analyzing the existing tool and in discussion with the managers it was decided I would create a completely new tool which reported the same data but was completed automated and could be used by all of the various departments.  
The solution allowed for each department to have their own version of the tool and at the end of each month the tool would automatically create a monthly report which was then sent to their overall manager. Using a Summary sheet which I also created the Division manager was then able to combine all the department data and produce a summary report at the click of a button.  
Although I only spent a week on site, I was able to continue to update and make changes to the tool over the following months. 
Contacts: Jeremy Keene - Business Manager 
Ph: 04 436 4170 
March 2002 - 2010 
Pan Pac Forest Products Limited - Napier 
Contract Analyst/Programmer 
Pan Pac Forest Products is an International Forestry Company based in Napier – www.panpac.co.nz 
Have developed many database and spreadsheet solutions for various departments since March 2002 
Substantial achievements in various contracts for Pan Pac include: 
• Converted all Corporate Monthly reporting spreadsheets from Lotus into Excel and automated the data so it was able to be linked directly to the company’s SQL financial database (Great Plains – Dynamics) removing the need for manual inputting 
• Creating a standalone Sales Database for the Lumber Division, which is responsible for all monthly reports used by the Lumber Management Accountant as well as a built in budgeting system. 
• Played a major role in developing and automating the Forests Division Monthly financial and operational reporting Excel spreadsheets  
• Developed 2 Access databases for a separate arm of the company the handles their operations and reports 
• Have developed an Access database for the Pulp division that records lab test results then reports on them in Excel using VBA modules and Graphs 
• Automated an Excel based invoicing system to draw data directly from an existing database 
• Phil Beamish-White – Lumber Management Accountant 
• Gerald Cowan – Pulp Management Accountant 
• Phil Hardy – Pulp Operations Manager 
• Sheldon Ellis – Forests Operations Manager 
Mill - Ph: 06 8310100  
April 2007 – Current 
Te Runanga o Ngati Apa – Health and Social Services - Marton 
Contract Database Developer 
Te Runanga o Ngati Apa is a Maori Health Provider based in Marton 
Created an MS Access Database Application that gives them the ability to: 
• Register Clients 
• Record all Staff contact with clients  
• Record all client contacts grouped by self created reporting components 
• Provide extensive statistical reports for management 
• Provide extensive reports for the Contract Funding Providers 
• Produce Plans and Programs for Clients 
• Track Staff-Client contacts 
• Provide security of contact data when deemed sensitive 
• Enter data easily and quickly  
• Have multiple access by various staff at the same time 
• Easily customise their operation and reporting as required 
NB. The above application is now a commercial application and being used by 3 Maori Health Providers in the Wanganui Region. A new client integration application is now tested and in place. This allows ORA to add and update the Client demographic details of its Clients directly to Medtech32 within the same network using HL7 messages.    
• Kia Kemp 
Ph: 06 327 5594 
April 2008 – 2011 
ABB Limited Napier 
Contract Database Spreadsheet Developer 
ABB (www.abb.com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. 
Two main Projects to date – with various updates as required 
Adapted an existing database that used Word to create quotes for customers. Various changes were made to improve the operation of this application including upgrading to run using the latest versions MS Access (database was created using Access 97) and creating folders and files automatically and using existing excel spreadsheets to import pricing etc. Into the database and then transfer this data into Word. 
Created an MS Access Database Application that gave them the ability to track the production and it’s history, any service history and the location of similar entities by means of the recorded serial numbers using bar codes.   
This application imports data directly from SAP and an outside company, which build components that, are used in their end products. 
• Chris Drake 
Ph: 06 843 1400 
Main Products:
Iwi Registration Database – Generic version of the database created for Ngati Kahungunu 
ORA (Health Provider Database) – A Health and Social Provider management system 
Some of my previous and current contract clients: 
• Ngati Kahungunu – Iwi Registration – Contacts Database – Resource Database – Nominations database  
• Ngati Apa – Iwi Registration – ORA (Health Provider Database) 
• Ngati Rangi – Iwi Registration  
• Ngati Rangi Community Health - ORA (Health Provider Database) 
• Otaihape – ORA (Health Provider Database) 
• Whanganui River Maori Trust Board – Iwi Registration  
• Tupoho Whanau Trust – Website  
• Te Aka – After Kura Activities – Hastings – Client management database  
• Mangakino Marae Restoration – Project Management database 
• Tu Tangata Trust Ngaruawahia – Strengthening Families Database  
• Ngati Waewae – Iwi Registration  
• Ngai Tamanuhiri – Iwi Registration  
• Te Roroa Whatu Ora Trust – Iwi Registration 
• Rangitane – Hawkes Bay – Iwi Registration 
• Rongowhakaata Trust – Iwi Registration 
• Ngati Ruanui – Iwi Registration 
• Ngaa Rauru Kitahi – Iwi Registration 
• Oamaru Bay Motor Camp – Run by a maori trust – Provide a Bookings Database and Website  
• Maori Women’s Welfare League in Hastings – Updated an existing database for them 
• Maori Party – Have provided paid and voluntary database development as part of the last election and recently 
• Vertical Research Limited (VRL) As a sub-contractor – Developed a reporting spreadsheet for the TPK funded – Kaitoko Whanau program. Adapted an existing reporting spreadsheet used by the Police to provide information on criminal offending and intervention methods. 
I also worked as a fulltime database developer for the Te Paori Matua o Nga Kohanga Reo in Wellington for 2 years 1999 – 2001 before I became a contractor. 
1996 Woolstore Supervisor  
1983 Youth Worker – Whangaehu Youth Trust 
• Musician - Saxophone 
• Rugby – Played Provincial Rugby for Wanganui 1989 – 1995 
• Personal Development 
• Golf – 21 Handicap 

Email: marewa@marewa.co.nz
Phone 021 496249

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