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Harry Jones - ABB Napier 
Marewa Paranihi has been contracted by ABB Napier to perform various database work over the last 5 or more years. We continue to use him even now, and we will continue to do so well into the future. Marewa has worked on various database projects throughout our ABB factory, and his skills in Visual Basic(VBA),Microsoft Access, and databases in general, are profound. By association, his general computer skills are superb as well.  
In my sphere of work (Production Engineering) I was asked to design and build a Tracking Database suitable for the entire ABB manufacturing plant. Designing it was easy enough, but implementing it was a different story. I called on an expert, (Marewa) and he used the initial model as a starting point, and then developed our database from scratch.  
Over the years our company has expanded, our product range has grown hugely, and our requirements and Tracking Database inputs and outputs have become ever more complex. Marewa has been challenged at times, but always delivered. He now knows our internal systems better than we do .....and we would be lost without his skills. Our ABB Tracking Database (developed by Marewa) is now one of our core business applications, and is extremely powerful.  
Marewa is always polite and a true gentleman, and he is extremely easy to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough to any potential employer or contractor. His professional attitude and skill is exemplorary, he is always neatly attired, and he speaks with authority and clarity. Naturally he has become a good friend as well as a co-worker, and it is always great to catch up with him.  
I am happy to elaborate further should any potential employer wish to ask further questions. I can only give positive reports, and if anyone employees Marewa on a full time basis, it will be a massive loss to the rest of us. I wish Marewa only the very best in all his endevours, and look forward to many more projects and challenges with him involved.  
Kind Regards  
Harry Jones  
Senior Production Engineer  
ABB Discrete Automation and Motion Division.  
Ph 06 8431400  
Extn 63431  
Phil Beamish-White - Pan Pac Forest Products Limited 
At Pan Pac Lumber, Marewa’s  biggest job was development of our Sales database. The way our business was configured meant that it was difficult to extract user-friendly information directly from our ERP system. The database that Marewa developed extracts, manipulates and stores information from the ERP system. The database has been in use for a number of years and is extremely useful.  
His down to earth and friendly approach meant Marewa has always been a pleasure to work with and made him popular with staff, and he has helped us with a number of smaller projects, involving both Access and Excel, and interfacing with other systems. 
Phil Beamish-White 
Operations Manager - Lumber Division  
Pan Pac Forest Products Limited Napier 
Ph. 06 831 0100 
Ruth Wong - Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated 
Marewa Paranihi created our Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated Registration Database around 8 years ago. We desperately needed a database that would cater for our needs and Marewa created it from scratch. Using the little information we gave him, he created an awesome database that holds information that can be easily updated. It pumps out reports in seconds and holds an extensive amount of information in a nice tidy, easy maintenance database.  
Over the years Marewa has continued to provide maintenance support and he continues to provide us with updated information, to keep us abreast of what other database options are out there.  
Marewa has helped to create two other databases, a nominations database of individuals who we nominate to positions on boards etc. This particular database helps us to store qualifications and it also helps us to find individuals by skills and qualifications. It’s a great resource for finding the right person for a particular job.  
The Contact Database is a well used database of organisations, service providers, groups, media networks, attendees of a hui, schools, etc etc. We use this database on a regular basis to communicate with our networks. I have no hesitation recommending Marewa for the job. 
Ruth Wong 
Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated Hastings 
Ph 06 876 2718 
Email: ruth@kahungunu.iwi.nz 
Nancy Tuaine - Whanganui River Maori Trust Board 
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Rod Knight - KLR Marketing - Australia 
To Whom it may concern. 
We at KLR marketing have been utilising the expertise of Marewa Paranihi since early 2007. His knowledge with excel is nothing short of incredible. We provide many calculators for our clients and Marewas’ expertise has been an invaluable in providing these tools.  
We also provide our clients with a Livestock Market report.  
The information comes as raw data and needs to be sorted, collated, represented and then uploaded. This was a very time consuming process. Marewa tackled the challenge head on. He made sure he understood the outcome required and provided us with a program that enabled this to happen with just a few clicks, reducing the time required by 90%.  
The money we have spent with Marewa has been retuned many times over with client satisfaction and savings in time. I could not recommend the service supplied by Marewa Paranihi more highly. 
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Email: marewa@marewa.co.nz
Phone 021 496249

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